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Racing at the Marymoor Velodrome

The Marymoor Velodrome, located in Marymoor Park in suburban King County, Washington just south of Redmond, Washington, was first constructed in 1974 as part of a major parks project in King County called Forward Thrust. The following Spring, it officially opened for racing. Over the next several years, railings, lights, and warm-up circles were added.

Currently, the velodrome is operated by the Marymoor Velodrome Association (MVA) in conjunction with the King County Department of Parks and Recreation. The MVA is a non-profit, volunteer association consisting mainly of racers and enthusiasts.

The track itself is an outdoor facility and sports a racing distance of 400 meters per lap making it one of the longer velodromes in the world (most such track facilities have racing distances of either 3 laps per 1000 meters or 250 meters). The surface is concrete and, in early 2005, was completely resurfaced to a smoother fiinish.

The Marymoor velodrome has hosted a number of national championship events, including the US national junior track cycling championships in 1994 which saw the emergence of Jennie Reed and Nicole Reinhart. Prior to that, in 1990, the Marymoor velodrome hosted the track cycling competition of the Goodwill Games.

Over the years a number of nationally recognized cyclists have raced on and/or learned their trade at the Marymoor velodrome, inlcuding Rebecca Twigg, Tom Broznowski, Renee Duprel, Julie Gregg, Jennie Reed, and Ryan Miller.

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For many years, the Marymoor velodrome has been the site of regular racing on Wednesday and Friday evenings from May through September. The MVA also sponsors track classes held throughout the racing season in order to instruct new riders and teach the basics of track cycling and bike handling skills.

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