This is an article about the politics and government of the Pacific Northwest.

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Both Oregon and Washington have Democrats as governors, though in 2004 the Democrat, Christine Gregoire only won by a few votes. Urban areas in the Western part of the states are more liberal, rural and Eastern areas tend to be more conservative. That said, there can be found the whole range of views in local areas. In Jackson County, Oregon, for example, Ashland is liberal overall, Talent becoming so, Medford fairly conservative, the rural areas of Sam Valley, Evans Creek, etc. libertarian conservative, Jacksonville quite mixed, and Gold Hill is just unbelievable!

Farther west, in Josephine County, you have more survivalists and anti-government types. East, in Klamath County, there are many who believe that the only good Democrat is a dead one. In the Portland area, the city is largely liberal/progressive while places such as Lake Oswego are economic conservatives. Lane County is also split between Eugene liberals and rural conservatives. Of course this is an oversimplification - smaller divisions exist everywhere.

Oregon has Democrats for its statewide-elected officials, but a Republican majority in the State House of Representatives. Oregon has had a long progressive tradition, much of it developed during the administration of Republican governors such as Tom McCall. In recent years the moderates have lost power within the Republican party, and those candidates who satisfy the conservative voters in Republican primaries often are too conservative to be elected state-wide by the voters at large.